New Horizon's Mission

New Horizon Management Consultants specializes in helping small businesses create and execute strategies to accomplish their business mission and long haul monetary objectives.

Ordinary Sections

We believe that by utilizing the experience of proven leaders in the business community to mentor and coach new organizations and company owners, we can strengthen our State's economy for the future.

Community Service

New Horizons is committed to supporting the philanthropic needs of our local, state and national service organizations.

Our Mission

To help grow and strengthen India's business community by providing young entrepreneurs with quality management experience to help shape and transform their organizations for the future.

About Us

New horizons management specializes in helping small businesses develop and implement strategies to achieve their business mission and long-term financial objectives.

Anurag Bhabhra, CEO of New Horizon's Management brings his 21 years of leadership and management experience in strategy and financial services sector. He has extensive experience in risk management aggregating to 17 years in the banking industry across the Indian and middle eastern markets. Adept at creating risk frameworks and developing governance policies, audits, compliances, internal controls, process improvements, documentation and team management. Handled special situation & difficult accounts for restructuring and turnaround. Provide key financial decision support for senior management from both finance and business viewpoints. Experience in integration of the acquired Bank’s portfolio, system and processes.

New Horizon's will leverage this experience to help your organization analyze current operations, and develop a plan to address areas of improvement, and put your team back on the path toward your operational objectives.

  • The firm’s goal is to deliver the agreed objectives over the long term through a rigorous application of our intellectual and financial capital.
  • All of our businesses reflect our strong partnership culture, commitment to exceptional performance and uncompromising integrity.
  • The firm is in the process of expanding our team and portfolio. We are bringing experienced leaders from various sectors to deliver and achieve the goals of our clients.

Consulting and Operations

New Horizon will leverage this experience to help your organization analyze current operations, and develop a plan to address areas of improvement, and put your team back on the path toward your operational objectives. For more information on how New Horizon can help your Company reach new levels of performance, please contact us at
Taking your industry and business model into account, we offer coaching and support services to implement strategies that streamline operations, and assist your team in developing long term initiatives to drive improved profitability.

Our Services

Our services can be contracted on an hourly, project, or retainer basis to support your operations. Please call us for a free customized proposal for services.

Debt Syndication

Locating the time and cost effective sources of finance for projects is our strength. Our teams of associates study the options available which include Structured Finance, Trade Finance, Short or Long Term Funds, Equipment Finance or any other financing option to devise the most beneficial route for our clients. We take care of the entire transaction which involves Capital Structuring, Feasibility Study, Project Appraisal and Sourcing Funds. Our knowledge of the current investment scenario and understanding of specific needs enables us to deliver cost competitive structural solutions. Our long term association with Banks and Bankers gives us a special edge in arranging efficient negotiations and favourable terms, particularly in Loan Syndication.

Financial Restructuring

The opening up of the Indian Economy to global competition makes the optimization of financial resources a critical and continuous task. A major challenge for many Companies is the problem of Stressed Financial Assets. NHMC experience in providing comprehensive solutions for Asset Reconstruction and Recapitalization is therefore highly appreciated. NHMC assist Companies in restructuring their capital structure, negotiate with lenders for settlement of restructured loans, reschedule debt to lower interest costs and extend the repayment period.

Portfolio Resolution of Stressed Assets

An increased emphasis by Reserve Bank of India on improving asset quality and capital adequacy is causing a number of Banks and Institutions to focus on Non Performing Assets (NPA) Management. NHMC has requisite experience; specialized skill sets and focused approach to facilitate resolution and settlement of loans.

Mergers & Takeovers

Our efforts at reviving Companies /projects go beyond helping clients raise and restructure their financial resources. Our core competence includes value oriented research and identifying business partners, suggesting economically viable projects and arranging technical and financial collaborations. Along with our International Affiliates, NHMC arrange global, technical and financial collaborations and provide assistance in preparing necessary project documentation and obtaining statutory approvals for such projects.

Equity Placements

NHMC helps clients in Syndication and arrangement of Private Equity and Venture Capital Financing. It also arranges Equity Financing for Corporates and Entrepreneurs for Seed Capital, Early Stage and Late Stage Financing. Our expertise involves identification, structuring the proposal, undertaking valuation, identifying investors, making presentations, ensuring closure of the deal and realizing value for our client

Financial Analysis & Operational Assessment

Analysis of key metrics and performance ratios critical to your organization's success.

Advisory Board Assistance

High level critical thinking, and leadership skills to augment your existing management strengths.

Recovery of Investment/Fund

We help corporate and lenders to recover their investment/fund.

The Team

Why Choose Us

NHMC helps clients in Debt Syndication, Financial Restructuring, Portfolio Resolution of Stressed Assets, Mergers & Takeovers, Equity Placements and aid the plan essential for what's to come.
With over 25 years of cost accounting and financial revealing background in the development, aviation and cutting edge fabricating enterprises, we will break down current activities and make proposals to improve your primary concern.
In addition to "hands-on" counseling administrations, we can likewise expand existing advisory board enrollment with public organization initiative experience.

Special Services

We provide support in your company’s financial structure, or ownership or control, or business portfolio, designed to increase the value of your firm. We help increase the value of your firm, reorganize your financial assets in order to create the most financially beneficial environment for the company.
Specialized short–term or medium/long–term financing against commodity trade flows. Taking the form of pre–payment financing or pre–export financing, structured around the supply chain and commercial terms of customers, and may use export contracts, trade receivables and collection accounts as collateral.
We help in the process of involving a group of lenders in funding various portions of a loan for a single borrower. We provide the borrower to access from a diverse group of financial institutions.